19th Hole

Denise Hyland
Head Golf Professional
StoneRidge Golf Course
Prescott Valley, AZ

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The Benefits of Golf in Your Community

There are many benefits to having a golf course in your community. Golf may provide personal, economic, health, social, and environmental benefits.

People may be playing on your hometown golf course because they enjoy nature and the challenge. It’s a place where they can escape their daily routines. By providing a variety of learning opportunities and a great practice facility, we can keep people coming to our courses.

StoneRidge Golf Course attracts players from all over the world. As you bring in players, you bring money into the local economy. Golf courses are a wonderful place to have tournaments, weddings, parties and meetings. Your course also contributes through employment, taxes, property value improvement, and enormous charitable support. The economic benefits to your course and the community are tremendous with the more creative and well-run events your course can host.

Golf also provides low impact activity that can be played by anyone of any age or gender. Regular exercise has all kinds of benefits, and the simple act of ‘being away’ can help reduce the stress of everyday life. With excellent customer service we can strive to create this environment at our courses.

Another reason people choose to play golf is because they want to be with other people. There’s plenty of time to chat with friends and get to know new ones. Many clubs hold weekly contests and mini-tournaments. Families can also spend time together by practicing or playing together. By helping to start leagues and a variety of teaching programs, your course can bring the community together.

Golf courses are green spaces. StoneRidge Golf Course produces oxygen and cleans the air of pollution, and also provides an important service by disposing of effluent water. The effluent water that goes on the course, as irrigation, is actually cleansed and returned to lakes, streams and groundwater supplies. The Course also supports an abundance of wildlife such as quail, bobcats, roadrunners, coyotes, deer and rabbits.

Remember, golfers are at your course to have fun. Golf is a fun, challenging sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels while fostering a sense of place and community.