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2011 Can Be Your Year!

The New Year is time for you to have a rebirth of your golf game. As you make your resolutions, make sure to make realistic ones that you can keep. Here is an easy one. Resolve to focus on your fundamentals. The fundamentals never change. I watch too many golfers that hit a bad shot and want to “reinvent the wheel”. Focus on the grip, alignment, set up and where you want the golf ball to go. This will separate you from the players that try a new swing every shot searching for perfection. Perfection is relative. The PGA TOUR players do not hit every shot perfectly everytime. It is how good your miss hits are that make a difference.

Along with working on the fundamentals, work on becoming a better short game player. I can guarantee you will lower your handicap by having a better short game. Remember that you only use the driver 14 times in a round and putt 30 to 36 times in a round. Which area of the game deserves more practice? 

Finally, resolve to give yourself ample time before the round to warm up before going to the first tee. If you are the player that is always running late, think of your starting time being 30 minutes earlier than your actual time. Hit a few shots on the practice tee and then hit a few chips and putts. You will be amazed at how much better your round will be and you will enjoy the game more than ever before.

Practice this, and if you have any challenges with this please feel free to contact me at the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia. Make sure to tune in to the Bunker to Bunker Golf Show every Saturday morning from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. or on 620KTAR AM or on the internet at ktar.com; and click on the SportsTalk button for more tips and updates on all of the week’s golfing news in the Valley and around the world. Join Greg, Marty Monaghan, and Jim Hill for a comprehensive look at the golf world every week.

Happy New Year everyone!