19th Hole

Tom Doepke
Head Golf Professional
The Rim Golf Club
Payson, AZ

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Team Beaver Wins 2011 IMO!

Many golfers look forward to an annual golfing event they have with family or friends.  A special event brings casual golfers back to the game every year.  Be it a scramble, a golf league, or a Member Guest Invitational, so many golfers hold dear their annual competition. I encourage every golfer to plan and play in a special event each year. 

Every bad round can suddenly become memorable because of one picture perfect shot. While playing in a scramble with friends, I aced a hole near the end of what was going to be a fruitless day. That shot made us return to the tournament for the next couple of years, and the tournament became an annual event we looked forward to. After a few years, we created our own tournament that now brings eight golf friends together every year to play.

Over the past 10 years, trophies have been doled out to the team winner, the MAP (Most Awesome Player), and for having the Budweiser Shot of the Day.  We have a registered, trademarked logo as well as original, professional songs specifically related to the tournament.

Growing up in Wisconsin, in a small city named Beaver Dam, I played golf incessantly with two other boys who are now fellow PGA professionals. The three of us comprise three-fourths of Team Beaver.  Last year, we lost on the 6th extra hole of sudden death to our arch enemy (who will remain unnamed).  Regardless if this article’s headline comes true, this year’s competition is shaping up to be another epic event. When making your special golf event, remember, golf is most enjoyably played in a friendly competition, with the people you enjoy playing with the most.