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Bru Ha Ha Down Under

This month’s President’s Cup is going to be a media soap opera. Unless Tiger Woods goes undefeated in his matches, every naysayer will come out of the woodwork slamming Tiger Woods and Fred Couples.

Fred Couples was completely within his rights to choose Tiger Woods as a Captain’s pick for the President’s Cup. It is a Captain’s Pick, not a media pick. Greg Norman recently stated he would not have chosen Tiger. Oh really Greg, what qualified Adam Scott a couple of years ago when he was your Captain’s Pick? 

Then you have Geoff Ogilvy pop off that Fred Couples should not have announced the Tiger pick three weeks early. Ogilvy said it made it so the other guys vying to make the team were only playing for one spot rather than two spots in the last few weeks of the selection period. Once again, it was the Captain’s prerogative because he is the CAPTAIN. The golf media  has been all over this trying to create a Bru Ha Ha Down Under so that maybe  someone will watch the event. The great thing is, all of the rounds will be on  Golf Channel during prime time. This is great!

Tiger was a great pick for so many reasons. He is the best player over the past 15 years. His record in the President’s Cup is solid. He can inspire and bring the best out of his partners. Tiger has proven many times that he can rise to the occasion. Tiger will go to Australia and give  100% to help his team win this year.Tiger has already committed that he will be playing a full schedule in 2012 and this is going to be the kick start that  begins the true Tiger comeback. 

Stay tuned for the Bru Ha Ha Down Under.

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