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Ryan Eckroat
General Manager
Poston Butte Golf Club Anthem at Merrill Ranch
Florence, AZ

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Have some fun this summer and Tee It Forward

Last summer, the PGA of America introduced a new initiative as a part of its Play Golf America campaign called Tee It Forward. The goal was to make the game easier and more enjoyable by playing a shorter set of tees.

The message behind the idea is simple, you are more likely to hit the green in regulation from 100 yards than 175. More greens in regulation means lower scores and more fun. Unfortunately, many golfers are committed to the notion that they have to play from the tips like the pros on TV. TOUR pros hit a lot of greens from 175 yards because they are using 7 and 8 irons, while the average player might be using a long iron or hybrid. Think over your last round of golf and count up how many times you got to hit 8-iron or less for your second shot on a par 4, or tee shot on a par 3. If your answer is less than 4, you would have a lot more fun moving up a box. Furthermore, if there were one or more holes that you could not reach in regulation during your last round, you could enjoy the game so much more by moving up even two sets of tees.

If you’re thinking that moving up a tee box or two might not provide enough challenge, try this out. On the first hole, start from a tee box that is one forward from where you normally play. If you make a bogey, move forward another tee box on the second hole. If you make a par, continue to the next hole playing from the same tee box. If you made a birdie, move back a tee box on the next hole. Continue this for the duration of the round. At the end, figure out which tee box you scored from the best. That is the one you should be playing from most often.  Also, for those wondering, you can post these scores for handicap purposes. Consult your local PGA professional for advice on calculating the appropriate course rating and slope information. 

As the summer season approaches, try moving up a tee box or two. Not only will you score better, you’ll have more fun. After all, golf is a game, and games are supposed to be fun!