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Henry Stetina
Regional Club Fitter
Edel Golf
Phoenix, AZ

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Custom Fittings and Adjustable Golf Clubs

Custom fittings and adjustable golf clubs are becoming more popular each year, though most advancement in technology has been made to the driver. Even with the new equipment, golfers have yet to improve. The truth is that golf is not a game of distance but rather a game of touch and feel. It is artistic in nature, played mostly on and around the greens.

Let’s take a closer look at the club that we use to play nearly 40% of our shots during a round of golf…the putter. With over 300 million possible combinations of a putter, getting custom fit for one can greatly improve your game. To hole any given putt, you must be able to do two things correctly, roll the ball on the intended line and with the correct speed.

For alignment, our mind subconsciously uses visual elements of the putter to aim it at a target. These elements include: head shape, lie, loft, length, offset, hosel style, and sightlines. Edel Golf offers a fitting system, which allows us to adjust these elements and alter the way your mind perceives its alignment. This way of fitting allows us to build a putter, from scratch, that fits your specific needs. Even something as simple as changing the sightlines from one line to two will have a substantial impact on your ability to aim the putter correctly.

In regards to the weight of a putter, there must be a balanced ratio of weight between the head, shaft, and grip to allow you to regularly produce a desired speed. People who suffer from yipping short putts are generally looking for more weight in the putter. Golfers who have the tendency to leave putts short will benefit from a lighter putter, while those who putt the ball past the hole will improve by using a heavier putter. Using a putter with interchangeable weights and loft options offers advantages when playing greens with conditions that differ from your home course.

If you are serious about improving as a golfer, spend a little time and money on the one part of your game that actually has the potential to lower your scores. Talk with your local PGA Professional about getting custom fit for a new putter. It will dramatically lower your scores and leave your golf buddies puzzled as to why they are constantly paying for beers in the clubhouse after the round.