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Ryan Moss
Golf Insructor
Tour Academy TPC Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ

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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Going

Remember your first day of school? Some might remember being very nervous, others might remember being very excited. There might be a few of us who can’t remember that far back. When trying something new for the first time, we get to stir up those feelings all over again. For most new golfers, some feel excited to be taking on a new sport while others display a certain level of apprehension along with many unanswered questions. These feelings are very common for returning golfers who have been out of the game for some time.

ll the time that, “I want to get started on the right track and make sure that I don’t start creating bad habits.” I am glad to tell you that there are programs designed to help all golfers accomplish this.

One such program is called Player Development. These programs are designed to reach out to new golfers; keep returning golfers interested, support core golfers and maybe one day turn them into competitive golfers.

The Tour Academy runs three levels of instruction through their Player Development Program. Level 1 is designed to help new golfers get their questions answered while introducing them to the many aspects of the game. Level 2 is designed to focus on the fundamentals of full swing and short game. Through the “Building Block” approach, demonstrate how each segment of the game is connected to each other. By doing so, we can build an efficient and repeatable swing. Level 3 is designed to get out and Play Golf. All instruction for level 3 is done on the golf course putting into action what has been learned in the previous levels. These classes teach new golfers how to practice and how to play this amazing and exciting game.

If you are interested in trying golf for the first time, or returning to the game, look into Player Development Programs by getting in touch with your local golf course. Join in a group and go out and have fun.

If you would like more information about the Tour Academy Player Development Program, email Ryan at rmoss@touracademy.com or call 541.255.5600.