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Ben Keilholtz
Vice President, Marketing & Sales
Bluestar Resort & Golf
Scottsdale, AZ

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Golf Cares for Its Own

Golf can be a cruel, cruel companion at times. Anyone who watched the turn of Jordan Spieth’s fate at Augusta National knows that the game can lift you to the highest of highs, and in a split second drop you to the lowest of lows. But when you need it most, golf – and those involved with it – can provide a network of support unparalleled by any other game.

On March 30th, Shawnee and Shane Doherty learned that their seven year old son, Hollis, has an inoperable brain tumor. Shane is a longtime member of golf’s extended family, a representative for companies which service golf professionals and superintendents throughout the state and country. Not only does most every pro and super in the state know Shane; they love Shane. He’s a man of big personality and a big heart to match.

So when the news of Hollis’s diagnosis began to spread, the industry quickly sprang into action. Green hearts encircling the letter “H” began to appear on the hands of many on social media, and quickly friends – and the friends of friends – who heard Hollis’s story included a litany of notable names: Bubba Watson, Brandt Snedeker, Bill Haas, the president of Peter Millar, the hosts of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, and many others “shouted out” in support of Hollis and the Doherty clan. Green hearts with an H have spread from the golf community here in Arizona to national television and the Twitter and Instragram feeds of numerous Tour players.    

The future for Hollis is still uncertain. But we all hope that the Doherty clan is reassured in this challenging time that the good they have put into the world is being returned many times over in a tidal wave of prayers, well wishes, and offers of support. “Hope for Hollis” is now in full swing, with a Facebook page, a donation site to assist with the costs of treatments, and, perhaps predictably, a benefit golf tournament being generously hosted at Longbow Golf Club in May.

I’m proud to be among the many friends of Shane and his family, and prouder still to be among peers who know that the relationships made on the course and in the business transcend simply the game. We all have hope for Hollis, an inspiring young man who fights every day knowing he’s got an army of supporters behind him.  

Ben Keilholtz is a vice president with Scottsdale-based BlueStar Resort & Golf, a management group with courses in the state and throughout the country.

To learn more about how you can support Hollis Doherty, search “Hope for Hollis” on Facebook.