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Amy Whittington
Licenssed Naturopath
Peoria, AZ

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Aim for a Birdie, Burn Off That Turkey… 

The holiday season is upon us and we all know what that means: turkey, wine and desserts galore. If you’re worried about your waistline, here are a few simple steps (including golf!) to help you through the season. The end game is to maintain – not increase – your calorie intake and do something we can all agree upon: enjoy more golf!

For those of you who plan to partake in a glass of wine or two, do not fret. In fact, for many reasons I’m an advocate of moderate wine consumption for most of us. Red wine, especially, has been linked to improvements in heart health, metabolism, and aging. However, be sure to note adding wine into your diet (as I’m sure many of us will during the festive season) can add up in calories. Consider that the average 5-ounce glass of wine has 100 calories. If you do nothing but add two extra glasses a night, you’ve added 1,400 calories that week. If you keep that up for a year, you’d gain a frightening 20 pounds for the year.

If you want to counteract the effect of calorie-laden drinks and desserts, get out and be active. Research by the World Golf Foundation suggests that walking and carrying three 18-hole rounds per week provides enough exercise for weight maintenance for all ages. Riding will still help you burn around 1,300 calories; 1,500 if you walk and use a push cart. However you choose to play, the point is to be as active and as frequent as your schedule and fitness level allows. With perfect golfing conditions ahead and your family visitors in town, it’s the ideal time to take to the course.

Remember, the only thing worse than goofy golf pants are goofy golf pants with an elastic waist! To ensure you have a great holiday season and are still able to put the tee in the ground, make simple choices each day to exercise a little more and splurge a little bit less. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

Have fun and stay lean through the holidays!

Dr. Amy Whittington is a licensed naturopath and has practices at Trilogy® at Vistancia in Peoria, AZ and Encanterra Country Club in San Tan Valley, AZ. Both facilities are open to the public. Dr. Whittington focuses on the use of nutrition, nutrients, herbs, bio-identical hormones, homeopathy, nutritional injectables and acupuncture in her optimal wellness practices. Learn more at DrAmyWhittington.com