19th Hole

Christopher Johnson
PGA, Director of Golf
Sanctuary Golf Course
Scottsdale, AZ

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The business impact of setting yourself apart as a friendly, welcoming facility:

At Sanctuary Golf Course, the attitude of our staff is a big part of what makes us stand out in a very crowded and competitive market. We hire outgoing, friendly team members who will genuinely and sincerely engage the customer in conversation. Yes, our entire staff is made up of very experienced golf professionals, but they are also genuine friendly, with no negative attitudes for the customer to perceive. It’s easy to train knowledge, but difficult to train an outgoing attitude. Our staff may even talk too much, but the customer is here on vacation, he has the time and he wants to learn about the area. It’s more than just talking up what the course has to offer - giving the customer a little local knowledge on where to go for entertainment goes a long way towards customer satisfaction. We strive to accommodate the requests of every guest, no matter how challenging. Whatever it takes to get somebody to book a reservation or keep coming back, we will do it. It generates goodwill and the positive word-of-mouth advertising that comes from it.

Addressing the way our staff acts towards customers is something that we have been focusing on since I arrived here last year, and it has made a big difference. Our facility has much more of a reputation as a friendly and welcoming place and I credit that as a primary reason for the revenue increase here at Sanctuary.