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Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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How much time do you take to aim? You must take time to aim or just take what you get.

How do I aim? To aim you must first find the line you want the ball to travel, this is your target line. You should align the ball down this target line and your body to the inside of this line. One major mistake I see many golfers make is to align their body down this line, forcing the ball off of the target line.

 For the right handed golfer this will put your body slightly left of the target. This will allow you to swing down your target line and have the chance of hitting the ball down your target line, as well. If you align you body down the target line and swing properly you will push the ball to the right of your target.

In order to find this line and get aimed properly, start from behind the ball. Approach the ball, keeping it between you and your target.  Draw a line from the ball to the target in your mind. Now, move to the side of the ball that you play from. Keep this line pictured in your mind. Take your stance parallel to your target line. This is the proper aim that should be done for each shot.

When practicing, place a club just beyond the ball that will not interfere with your swing, point this club directly at your target.  Place a second club parallel to the first club inside where you will align your feet. Make sure the second club is parallel with the first club and inside of your target line. Before starting your swing, take a look down the club line by the ball and you should see your target. You are now ready to swing the golf club down your intended line of flight.

Harvey Pennick’s famous line, “Take dead aim” is the only way to begin a good golf swing.

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