Keep a Firm Left Wrist for Chipping and Putting

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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Do not let your left wrist bend during the chipping or putting stroke. While chipping maintain a firm left forearm and wrist position (for the right handed golfer, right forearm and wrist for the left handed golfer). Swing your forearm towards the target on the downswing.  

A very common mistake while chipping is to let the left wrist cup or bend as you are hitting the ball. This will make for very inconsistent chipping. If you are allowing this wrist to break during the swing you will have a lot of problems with making solid impact with the ball and consistent contact with the ground. Look at your finish of the chip shot. You should see no bending in the left wrist. The end of the grip should be pushed out away from your left side, the grip end should not be pointing back towards the middle of your body. If you can maintain this firm left side you will increase the solidness at impact and improve your chipping.

Putt just like this chipping stroke. Do not let the left wrist cup while hitting the ball. Maintaining a firm left arm and wrist will also greatly increase your impact with the putter. Push this left forearm towards the target. Extend towards your target. You will find the putter grip and your hands out away from your body at the finish. This is the same motion used in the chip.  

The chipping and putting stroke are the same stroke with different address positions. If you can keep this left arm firm and going down the line to your target you will cut strokes off your score. 

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