LaserTech of Arizona keeps golfers on the course with multiple treatment technologies

Chronic pain relief facility for players provides no steroid injections, drugs or surgery

A philosopher once said, “Whoever wanted to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.” And while hits, runs and errors have fascinated millions for nearly 150 years, it is the sport of golf that has stirred so many souls. Golf instills a sense of addiction that is not often found in other sports. This addiction causes many of its participants to constantly toil at improving their games, much coming at the expense of their own bodies.  

Back and shoulder pain, hip, knee, wrist and elbow discomfort are constant reminders how golf can afflict many players, especially as they get older. “When it comes to golf, most of my snowbird patients are avid golfers. Many of these maladies are things we treat each and every day,” said Dr. Craig Zimmerman, Board Certified in Physical Medicine Modalities and a Chiropractor with 30 years of experience treating pain who provides his patients with an effective alternative to drugs or surgical procedures.

“If a person wants to continue playing golf, it’s important to treat the condition, not just numb the pain,” explains Dr. Zimmerman. There are numerous reasons why people experience chronic pain. Damaged tissues or arthritis can be a few culprits. Others include structural compromise, nerve malfunction, movement impairment and postural instabilities and more. “Treating chronic pain is complex and requires a doctor that has the knowledge and multiple treatment technologies to succeed,” says Dr. Zimmerman. “We have been keeping golfers healthy on the course for many years with our healing and pain relieving lasers, our Spinal Traction Decompression, and our highly effective nerve treatment and movement improvement technologies. Our goal at LaserTech is to improve the condition of the golfer and to achieve sustainable relief. We may even be able to help the player hit the ball further,” said Dr. Zimmerman.

LaserTech is a pain relief company in Scottsdale that utilizes multiple healing technologies including computerized “cold” lasers, which are extremely effective with numerous types of chronic conditions without the dangers or side effects of drugs, surgery or steroid injections. With the application of multiple types of mostly non-invasive pain treatments, LaserTech is able to customize a treatment regimen with sophisticated, FDA-cleared modalities that provides a thoroughly effective way to treat a patient’s pain. “We are one of the few clinics in the world where you’ll find the extensive array of pain relief technology and experience that we have at LaserTech,” said Dr. Zimmerman, a former high school gymnast and former Chief of Staff at Emergency Chiropractic. 

LaserTech employs multiple “cold” penetration lasers that has realized remarkable results on human tissue for over 30 years. By stimulating necessary changes in damaged tissue without affecting healthy tissue or organs, the effect known as “photo bio-stimulation” provides patients an effective and safe therapy treatment. “Most patients realize significant relief in a relatively short amount of time. Once a patient realizes the overall effectiveness of our treatment plans and the eventual cost savings over surgery, it’s a fairly easy decision to make,” said Dr. Zimmerman. 

Many Arizonans feel LaserTech is the place to go for chronic pain relief. They are currently using an Endolaser that allows a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) to place multiple laser sources internally and directly on the source of the patient’s pain. And, fairly soon LaserTech will be able to utilize Laser Assisted Regenerative Injection Therapy (LARIT).

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