Pro-Turf International completes bunker renovation project at Tonto Verde in Arizona

Tonto Verde adds bunkers for more challenge

As the homeowners association at Tonto Verde Golf Club began to evaluate the club’s pair of championship courses, two things were clear. One, the designs by David Graham and Gary Panks were outstanding, providing a challenging and enjoyable golf experience on both the Peaks and Ranch layouts. Secondly, the bunkers needed immediate attention. They were difficult not only to escape from, but also to climb in and out of. Also, they did not handle rain very well. So the HOA signed architect Mike Gogel to handle the issue, and he immediately contracted with Pro Turf International to utilize PTI’s renowned Linebacker Bunker Liner® for the renovation.

Two summers of work and 42 bunkers later, the goal has been accomplished. And the Linebacker bunker liner product played a key role.

“There are a number of liner products to choose from, but Linebacker really fit our environment well,” said Gogel. “The product is clean, easy to install and very easy to work with and maintain. When adjustments are needed around the bunkers, this product allows the superintendent to do it in house, which is a great cost-saver.”

Gogel and PTI also made some strategic changes to the bunkering. For instance, all the par fives on the Peaks course were wide open, allowing players to grip it and rip it from tee to green. Strategic bunkering was added in the landing areas on these holes, forcing players to give some thought to their second shots. 

Feedback from the members has been positive.

“From the response we’ve received, they are very happy,” said Gogel. “They can now get in and out of the bunkers easily, and all of the bunkers now drain well.”

This isn’t the first project for which Gogel has utilized PTI. And based on his comments, it won’t be the last.

“They are enjoyable to work with,” said Gogel. “No egos. I like working with smaller companies like PTI. While we all want to make money, you get the feeling that it is not their main focus. Working with PTI is like working with a family-owned business. They are versatile when things come up. There is more give and take. They are very willing to work toward solutions that make all parties happy. “And, as usual, we finished the project on time and under budget.”

The folks at Pro Turf International were also pleased with the working relationship.

“It was a pleasure to work on the Tonto Verde project with Mike,” said Kip Wolfe, principal of PTI. “Mike always tailors his work to the client’s needs and desires. He is flexible when it comes to giving the clients exactly what they are looking for.”