Tame Your Slice with an Arm Pit

Kim Anders
Director of Instruction
John Jacobs Golf Schools and Academies Estrella del Mar Golf and Beach Resort
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, AZ

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A cruise ship was in town the other day and a big guy off the ship came into the shop and loudly announced, “I’ll pay $100 to anyone that can tame my slice”!! I like a challenge so I introduced myself and said let’s go.  

Turns out ‘Joe’ is retired from the NFL, an offensive tackle, and he looked every ounce of it. And, he swung the golf club like it was his only tool to protect his quarterback from the opposing 11 players.  

I understand football is a somewhat violent game, and this guy brought his entire career of aggression to the golf course. He is honestly the only person I’ve seen that can slice a golf ball the width of our practice range – about 130 yards. On some level it was an incredibly impressive exhibition.  

I explained some ball flight laws to him, and as it turned out his college degree was in mechanical engineering. He understood everything I said, and after a couple of minutes of explanation he was finishing my sentences. He’s got it! But, can he do it with a ball?

For the next 10 swings he punished the palm trees on both sides of the range, sometimes overdoing the release of his hands and then reverting back to his incredible slice.  

I took one of his head covers and put it under his left arm, and told him to keep it there for the entire swing. He took a practice swing, the head cover fell out about half way through his back swing, and he said, “That’s impossible”. No it’s not.  

Finally, I had Don thinking about what he was doing. Next practice swing, it didn’t fall out till his follow through. Third swing, he hit his 7-iron about 190 yards. Really! Easily! I’ve got his attention.  

The head cover, or towel, or golf glove under the forward arm pit is not a new exercise. A lot of my fellow professionals use this drill to help get a better connection between the arms and upper body. It also promotes a better release of the hands through the ball, resulting in longer, straighter shots.  

If you’re having problems taming your slice, try the arm pit drill. It may be just the key to getting longer, more accurate shots. Or, see your PGA Professional for a custom fix designed for you!   

Kim Anders is Director of Instruction at the John Jacobs Golf Schools and Academies at the Estrella del Mar Golf and Beach Resort in Mazatlan Mexico. You can contact Kim at jkanders4@gmail.com.