New legal thriller book Bad Lies is called “a fascinating page turner” by golf legend Jack Nicklaus

Tony Jacklin (World Golf Hall of Famer and two-time Masters champion) and Shelby Yastrow (former General Counsel and executive VP of McDonald’s Corp.) have teamed up to create Bad Lies, a one-of-a-kind legal thriller about courtroom drama, professional golf, and the striking similarities between the two. Called “a fascinating page turner” by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Bad Lies is sure to become a must-read for the upcoming golf season!

Bad Lies tells the story of Eddie Bennsion, a Senior Champions Tour player who falls from grace when one of the golf world’s top magazines runs an article accusing him of using performance-enhancing drugs. What follows is an intense legal battle between Bennison’s lawyer, Charlie Mayfield, and the magazine’s legal team as they struggle to defend their client’s First Amendment rights. Weaving in and out of the courtroom, law offices, and several well-known golf courses, Bad Lies is a gripping novel of fortune, loss, and redemption.

Bad Lies has been featured on Golf Channel, Golf Smarter, and MGA Golf. It is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Mascot Books.