The winds are changing, as Krank Golf endorses the Dixon Wind as the longest ball in golf

The winds are changing, as Krank Golf endorses the Dixon Wind as the longest ball in golf
Dixon Golf, the world’s first high performance, eco-friendly golf company, recenetly announced their partnership with Krank Golf, makers of championship drivers. Both companies are headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, but this partnership is one of more than just convenience.

Krank Golf, makers of the longest drivers in golf, has named the Dixon Wind ball as their official ball. Krank has tested the Wind ball against many other brands, and it has proven to be the longest ball they’ve ever tested, making the pairing an obvious choice.

“Krank is the recognized long drive leader in the industry. It’s well known that they make the longest drivers in the game. We are proud to have Krank endorse the Wind as the longest ball in golf. In business, you always want to align yourself with industry leaders, and this partnership does that. Teaming up with Dixon Golf also shows how dedicated Krank Golf is to sustainability and the environmental issues surrounding golf,” said Dixon Golf CEO William Carey.

Krank Golf’s Rage driver recently dominated the Re/Max World Long Drive Championships, taking home three titles, including the prestigious Open Division championship, with Joe Miller of England hitting a 414 yard drive.

Dixon Golf makes a family of three high performance, eco-friendly golf balls; the Earth, Wind and Fire, the Fire being the most expensive ball in golf. The Earth is Dixon’s signature product, being their first entry into the eco-friendly golf space and the Fire ball has received much press, being heralded as golf’s next great product. The Wind ball is now receiving much deserved fanfare.
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