New Year’s Golf Resolutions

Tiffany Nelson
Director of Business Development
TPC Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ

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Yes, it’s the beginning of a new year, and if you are like me you try to set some New Year’s Resolutions – improving the golf game, working out more, watching what you eat, etc. – but it’s hard to keep them for an entire year. I think my workout resolution was done on January 3rd! Well, I thought about golf and what you can do to help improve your golf game and have some resolutions that will help improve your game (and I can even keep these):

1.) Replace your Spikes -
This isn’t something that you really think about and I know about half of my golf shoes have 3 year old spikes. They say you’re supposed to change them every 15 rounds – now that’s ridiculous, but do change them at the beginning of the year. It will definitely help with your traction.

2.) Regrip your Clubs - I don’t think often about my grips, but with all the dirt, heat and oil from your hands, they do tend to wear out. As they wear out, you don’t realize it, but you tend to grip the club tighter. Also, you may want to make sure they are the correct size for your hands.

3.) Try a different Golf Ball - We all like what we like, but if you are a multilayer ball, try a two piece. With all the technology nowadays, the golf ball changes and so does your game, so check out how different types of balls work with your game.

4.) Throw out last year’s Glove - Especially living in Arizona and playing in the heat, your golf glove is going to be worn and you won’t be able to grip the club as well as you do with a new glove. So, throw out all the worn out gloves you have in your bag and start fresh.

5.) Try a higher lofted Driver - This does wonders! I was shocked when I went to an 12 degree driver and got 10 extra yards, along with a much better ball flight. It’s true what they say, “Carry distance often means overall distance”.

6.) Trade in your old Golf Clubs - We all have old golf clubs sitting in our garage collecting dust, well, now you can actually get money for them. Value Guide lists 55 brands and more than 5,500 models that will be accepted as trade-ins and at 6,000 locations. You may receive less than what you think they are worth, but something is better than nothing.

Okay, can you stick to these New Year’s Golf Resolutions? Well, I’m going to certainly try. I wish everyone of you, a Healthy and Happy New Year!

See you out on the course!

Tiffany Nelson is Director Business Development at TPC Scottsdale/ PGA TOUR located at 17020 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. You can reach her at 480.585.4334, ext. 226. Follow TPC Scottsdale on Facebook (The TPC Scottsdale) and on Twitter and keep up with all the action!