Lose Your Mind in 2010: Find Your Game!

Ronald Mann
GolfPsych Instructor
Scottsdale, AZ

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It is now 2010 and you may have some new hopes and dreams for your golf game. Do you want to take 3-4 strokes off your game without buying any new equipment? Would you like to find one of the secrets to going low? Get out of your thinking-mind and into your body. It is a proven scientific fact that too much thinking does not result in a low handicap.
In the 2003 American Journal of Neuroradiology, J Ross and others reported the results from their study. They had six golfers of varied skill (0-15 handicap) mentally rehearse their swing while observing their brain activity with a functional MR scan. As you might expect, the golfers with the lowest handicap showed the least amount of mental activity. Thinking, from the left side of the brain, is not a good thing for golf performance. Too much thinking results in a mechanical approach to the game and inhibits great performance. The right side of the brain, which directs visual and kinesthetic imagery, is more productive for low rounds. The more rational, logical function of the mind is great for good course management, but too much rational thinking will impair your swing.
The best method for a good consistent swing is to use a more kinesthetic approach to the game that is physiologically connected. In other words, don’t think about the mechanics of your swing, feel the rhythm, timing, and tempo in your body. Develop a body memory for a great swing.
You might be wondering, how do I get out of my mind to accomplish this? Good question! There are a couple of yoga techniques that work very well—meditation and breathing. In fact, research shows that experienced mediators are less distracted by random thoughts and emotion and have a better ability to maintain focus and concentration. The breathing technique will quickly shift brain activity into your right hemisphere, which we know is better for visual imagery and less mental activity.
You can contact me if you want detailed information on these techniques. They really work!
Dr. Ron Mann is a Certified GolfPsych instructor who teaches the mind/body/spirit psychology of peak performance. He is the author of the LA Times Bestseller, Integrating Spirituality with Psychotherapy, The Yoga of Golf, and the audio CD Find the Zone II: Master the Mental Game of Golf. You can contact him at mannr@ronmann.com or 602.687.7644. Visit his website www.ronmann.com for more free materials and listen to him on Second Saturdays at 11:00 on 6 Degrees, KWSS 106.7 FM.
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Dr. Mann is a Certified Golf/Psych instructor, best selling author, Peak Performance Coaching.