Positioning the Driver for Better Golf

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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The proper positions at address will improve your swing and increase power and accuracy.
Club Face Position: Of course we all know to point the clubface at our target, don’t we? Well sometimes we lose our focus on the target. Pick out a point on line with the target. This point should be from six inches to a few feet in front of the ball. Point your club to this intermediate target and then grip the club. Make sure you do not change this clubface position while gripping or re-gripping. Use the scoring lines, grooves, to help you align the club squarely with your target.
Ball Position: The Driver ball position will be played from the heel of the front foot to the instep. The further forward we place the ball the higher you will tee the ball as well. With the ball further forward in your stance you will also have more time to square the clubface and take away the slice. The forward ball position also has you making contact with the ball on the upswing which decreases spin and increases distance.
Eye Position: Your eyes must be on line with your desired target. Can you roll your eyes from the ball and find your target? If the only way to see the target is to turn or tilt your head, you’re in the wrong position. You should be able to rotate your eyes down your aiming line and maintain the same distance from your chin to your chest and see your target.
Body Position: Your body must be properly aligned as well. Position one club on the target line and another square with this line just inside of your feet. With both clubs square to the target line take your stance. Align the hips, shoulders and feet all square to the inside club.  This is the proper body position. From this position you will find your body slightly left or inside of your target line. This will allow you to swing out to the ball and down your target line.
Head Position: Your head should be behind the ball at address and impact. With the proper shoulder tilt and weight distribution at address, your head will begin behind the ball and remain behind the ball until after impact.
Weight Position: You should have 55% of your weight on the back foot at address and 45% on the front foot. Your weight should be on the balls or middle of both feet. If you are too close to the ball you will be leaning on your heels, too far away and you will be on your toes. Start out balanced and maintain this balance during the swing.
All of the above positions are very important and will make your swing easier and more consistent, if done properly. Take some time with your set up positions and see your scores begin to drop.
Mark Oswald is the General Manager of Oro Valley Country Club in Oro Valley, Arizona. For more information, contact Mark Oswald at moswald@orovalleycountryclub.com or www.acceleratedgolfacademy.com.