Academy shaping the future of golf

In September of 2009, Jeff Fisher and Stacie Bryan teamed up with OB Sports and Longbow Golf Club to form the OB Sports Golf Academy. Since then the academy has taught hundreds of students of all levels, created an ELITE Junior program that has garnered over 100 tournament wins, sent more than 25 junior golfers on to college golf and helped young professionals make their way on to the pro tours.

Now the academy is taking the next step by becoming the Fisher Bryan Golf Academy, and the dynamic husband and wife team couldn’t be happier! “Our vision was always to create a brand that stood for excellence in golf instruction and took coaching to the next level”, says Fisher. “We don’t consider ourselves instructors, but rather coaches, because a coach can be so many things other than just someone who passes on information.”

New programs, partnerships and technology highlight the new direction. In January the academy added Flightscope launch monitor technology and in February a new FBGA Putt Lab was added, as well. In conjunction with Mountainside Fitness, they have designed FIT2GOLF,  a golf specific evaluation and fitness program to help students get the most from their bodies. And, Cobra Puma Golf is a new partner providing a full range of fitting and demo capabilities.

The core value of the academy is as it was from the beginning, to help all golfers get more out of their games and enjoy the game more and to help junior golfers develop into college golfers. “Everything we do is about an investment”, says Stacie Bryan, Director of Player Development. “Our students making an investment of time and effort into their games, us making an investment of our knowledge and passion into helping them and parents of junior golfers making an investment into their children’s futures.”

The Fisher Bryan Golf Academy is based at Longbow Golf Club in Mesa. You can find them at