Winter Again

Tom Velarde
Golf Professional
Black Mesa Golf Club
La Mesilla, AZ

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Winter of 2018 will forever be remembered as the time you made the decision to upgrade your game and move to the next level. This is not like those other resolutions that we just made and by January 4th had forgotten. No this year, we have made the choice due to technology to get better. 

First take 10 minutes a day and visit YouTube and see what instruction tips you can garner. Look at present day players, look at past greats, and yes…take a little time and see what the goofy people of the world are talking about also. 

In today’s internet you can see an amazing array of trick shots and see those who have taken bouncing a ball on a clubface to amazing places. These talented athletes (yes, after you watch what they do they surely are athletes) will bring a smile of amazement to your afternoons.  

You will see golf instruction that sounds great and makes you want to run to the best place to start the overhaul of your present ‘don’t want to work for me’ golf swing. Here my friends is where I come in with words of wisdom and failure. 

I love to see other teachers give lessons, not from a critical point but from a learning point, as I have always believed everyone has something of value for us all if we look for it. So, when you look at these teachers giving you the Holy Grail and how to use it, always remember that in the United States of America we are one of over 316 Million individuals who all see the world through a different set of values and perceptions. Take what the instructor is telling you and get the key essence of it (say the person is talking about backswing) then in your computer search bar put in golf backswing and look at other ideas. I just used to put in backswing but have learned that many sports have a backswing not to mention non-sports. This will give you some ideas that ideally you could take to your home PGA Pro for insight. Don’t for a minute think your guy or gal behind the counter cannot talk or teach golf, they most certainly can in the majority of cases.

We can get better by igniting the power of our minds to start research. I recall the story of the POW during the Vietnam War who played 18 holes every day in his mind. Major James Nesmeth saw no one, talked to no one, but played in his mind. Read his story. It is truly amazing when you see what he did play that very first round after his release. He shot 74, the exact score he shot every day in his mind. Before he was captured, history will tell us his average score was 94. 

Friends, we need not have launch monitors, spin analysis or perfectly fit clubs to play and enjoy our game. We only need to unleash the power of our mind and its unlimited capability to create truth and beauty for us. 

See you on the first tee, bright eyed and bushytailed ready for another day of joy.    

Tom Velarde is the Manager at Black Mesa Golf Club in Espanola, New Mexico, just northwest of Santa Fe. For more information or to reach Tom, email