Two Major Components at Impact

Scott Sackett
Director of Instruction
McCormick Ranch Golf Club
Scottsdale, AZ

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To get a better understanding of the golf swing it is very important that you understand what causes what. It is really what makes TOUR players great? They get the understanding of what this tip is all about.

A) Club face
B) Path

If you’re in the process of taking golf lessons and you’re currently slicing the ball, I have some news that you might find interesting. The slice at impact is an open club face. Most of us try to correct that shot subconsciously by swinging over the top or out to in through impact.  If you’re interested in changing the path of your golf swing through impact you must fix the club face first. In simple terms the path to a large degree is a by-product of the club face.

The club face is controlled by two factors: A) Position of your hands on the club at address. B) The tension in your hands while gripping the club at address. 

The position of your hands at address can be in one of three positions. 
1). Weak (Picture #1); Neutral (Picture #2); Strong (Picture #3).
When your hands are in a weak position, the V’s of your hands are pointing toward your chin. If the grip is neutral, the V’s are pointing at your right ear, and if the grip is strong, the V’s are pointing at your right shoulder.

Remember, the stronger we grip the club the more it allows for the face to rotate through impact. If we’re looking to hit that perfect draw, the club face at impact is slightly closed to the path. That seems to be everyone’s dream shot. Because of the lack of our understanding of the club face and it’s function, most of us never reach that stage in our golf swing. Approximately 85% of all golfers slice the ball.

If you answer yes to any of these questions then your game is probably in need of some help. 1). If I’m slicing the ball then I just take my top hand and turn it more to the left. 2). If I slice the ball then I align my body left of the target. If I hook the ball then I just align myself more to the right of the target.

Scott Sackett, GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher since 1997. Teaches at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale along with being the Director of Instruction at The Rim Club in Payson, AZ. To get more information on lessons visit Scott’s web site at To contact Scott personally, you can e-mail him at